Thrifco 4400244 1/4 Inch x 2-1/4 Inch Brass Plated Closet Bolts set

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This brass-plated closet bolts anchor the toilet to the floor once the toilet has been fully assembled in your bathroom. Rusted toilet closet bolts or a rocking toilet can result in water puddles on the floor. The kit is manufactured of durable and high-quality bolts, washers, and nuts to complete this simple do-it yourself application.



  • Constructed of brass-plated steel bolts for strength, durability, and corrosions free to last a lifetime.
  • Easy do-it-yourself application that will fit most toilets.
  • Bolts securely anchor the toilet to the floor and helps prevent leaks from occurring.
  • Complete bolt kit for hassle free installation: Includes (2) toilet closet bolts, (2) washers and (2) spread nuts. (Note: Toilet bolt caps not included in this kit).


  • Bolt Material: Brass-plated steel.
  • Bolts size: ¼ “x 2 ¼ “
  • Nuts & Washer Material: Galvanized steel.

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Product Information
Model# 4400244
UPC 048314002440
Brand Thrifco Plumbing
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